How Welbe Works.

One app for employees and admins.

It's more than just a trend—corporate wellbeing is changing how employees eat, move, and sleep. People do their best work when they are healthy and happy.

Research shows less than 20% of employees participate in corporate wellness.

Welbe engages a whole lot more (2x)

Personal Goals.

The workplace is ripe with opportunity to reduce employee stress. When stress reduction is a goal, employees can do their best work. Check out some of the other personal goals employees can set in Welbe.

Reduce stress

Emotional health is the largest contributor to perceived overall wellness.

increase Activity

Employees will use Welbe because their personal goal is more meaningful than any company metric.

Lose weight

5 or 50 pounds, Welbe will help you achieve it.

Download Create a Culture of Wellness white paper

Events and Challenges.

Take your existing events and manage them in Welbe. Employees can check-in and be rewarded for their attendance with the experts you bring in to teach good wellbeing practices.


Watch success happen. Welbe Dashboard allows you to track your employees' overall wellbeing with up-to-date analytics.

Get started today with as few as 300 employees!

Participation is everything. Schedule activities, create buzz, incentivize attendance, and watch engagement soar.

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